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LP "Pieni Juhlasoitto" ( " A Small Celebration" / "Litet Festspel") from 1983

Töölö Brass, conducted by Jouko Saari and Reima Jaatinen, recorded their first LP at Johannes Church in Helsinki in 1983. Jouko Saari also composed or arranged some of the pieces. During their first three years TB had received support and guidance from Solna Brass (Sweden). Rune Fröden from Solna School of Music also composed the title piece for this LP and provided some matching arrangements.

The content of this LP reflects the close connection Töölö Brass had to its birthplace, the Töölö Church. The organist of Töölö Church, Pertti Eerola, had moved to Johannes church in 1982 and participated in the performances.

List of pieces:

Side A:

Savernake/Wright: Canzona in the Italian style

Bach/Wright: Fugue

Roman/Fröden: Drottningsholmsmusiken (parts I-III)

Haydn/Fröden: St. Anthony Chorale

Sibelius/Saari: Andante Festivo

Fröden: Litet festspiel - "Nu tacker Gud allt folk"

Side B:

Saari: A suite for organ, brass and timpani

Klemetti/Saari: Piae cantiones

Saari: Meditation "The rock that opened"

Trad/Saari: Hymn "Mary"

Pieni Juhlasoitto LP kansi neliö_edited.
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