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Discography / Äänitteet

"TÖÖLÖ" 2022

"TÖÖLÖ" CD was recorded in 2021/22 and published spring 2022. It is a showcase of Finnish brass band music, conducted by Okko Kivikataja.

Töölö cover 1.png

You can find more information about this recording in:

"Pieni Juhlasoitto" 1983

Our first LP was "Pieni Juhlasoitto" / "A Small Celebration" / "Litet festspiel", published in 1983.

Pieni Juhlasoitto kansi.jpg

At the age of almost three years Töölö Brass was already able and willing to produce this LP consisting of some 'hits' and some contemporary works for brass band


Jouko Harjanne is a leading Finnish trumpet and cornet player and also one of the key persons in developing and maintaining the quality and popularity of Finnish brass music

Harjanne CD.jpg

Töölö Brass and Jouko Harjanne recorded an illustrative portfolio of modern brass band music with demanding trumpet/cornet solo roles

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